I'm a User experience designer based in Stockholm, currently working at the service design agency Äventyret.

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Creating experiences based on insight

As a UX designer I strive to define possibilities out of problems. And in order to know what problems to solve, I must get to know the users, the given surroundings and what main objectives to deliver on. Working with insights is a natural part of my role as an enabler and co-creator of desired user experiences.

What kind of UX visualisations to produce, as well as the level of details, depend on their purpose. Is it for testing our overall idea or a specific flow? Is it about explaining the content structure? Specifying the behaviour of certain interactive elements? Informing the technical development? Or is it about supporting the design decisions and outcome? I work with a variety of methods and tools - always in collaboration with colleagues, clients and users.

Clients & projects

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Selection of methods & tools

Discovering the ever changing world around us

  • Societal changes, trends and statistics
  • How new ways of interacting with digital services change our behaviour
  • Emerging technologies that merge the digital and physical world
  • What subjects are rising in debates and on social forums
  • What future visions we want to reach
  • What is happening in the political arena
  • What new services, platforms and products will become available

Creating flowcharts for visualising and describing a desired user journey

Defining actionable insights

Insights that you can act upon. Where are we going, when and how? Setting a roadmap with clear actions instead of a 100 pages report that nobody reads.

Discovering the world of the users

  • Needs and challenges, motivation and fears, aspirations and wishes
  • Their relation to the brand, its platforms, services and products
  • Existing behaviour and actions related to the brand and its platforms, services and products
  • What other digital and analogue services and products they use
  • How we humans work - what patterns our brain create, how we see and remember things

Conducting qualitative & quantitative research

  • In-depth user & expert interviews
  • Observation studies
  • Surveys
  • Existing data collection
  • User testing
  • Desktop research

Creating prototypes for visualising, describing, presenting and testing concept ideas, interaction principles and user interfaces. From simple sketches on paper to detailed and interactive

Visualising identified target groups and experiences through customer journeys, user stories, scenarios and personas

Discovering the world of the client

  • Brand platform, values and position
  • Short and long term strategies, objectives and visions
  • Processes and organisational structure
  • Internal challenges, needs and possibilities
  • Existing and ongoing customer research and analysis
  • Brand identity and design system
  • Existing products, services and platforms
  • Existing, emerging and possible competitors both within the line of business and in other sectors

Creating structure maps for a specific application or a whole system of applications

Specifying functions, content, key metrics and principles

Defining possibilities

Every challenge can be turned in to a possibility. The question is - do we act upon that possibility? What are the consequenses? Does the created value exceed the risks? Shoot!

Testing & measuring, analysing & optimising

  • User testing flows, scenarios or whole systems
  • Analysing test results to find improvements
  • Analysing research to find the insights and possibilities
  • Measuring soft and hard metrics over time

Ideating and finding solutions through interactive workshops

What else?

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